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What is HAVE FAN?

HAVE FAN is the platform that turns every match in an experience to share: enjoy it with a local fan!

How does it work?

A new way of living football.
Have Fan is the marketplace where local fans meet sport lovers, tourists or just curious explorers from all over the world to share their passion and traditions.


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Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

An Have Fan Experience is the best way to immerse into a football match and into what surrounds it, living everything from the inside like a local fan. The host manages a unique and unrepeatable activity able to bring every guest into his own world, sharing it. On Have Fan you won't find "standard" travel packages or tours created by professional guides, but peculiar moments that can really tell stories about people, places and traditions and that make every experience complete and exclusive.
Anyone can be a Have Fan host. Everyone who lives every day the passion for his colors, rituals, stories, places that characterize his life as a fan. Anyone who wants to tell this to those who approach it for the first time. Anyone who wants to become a real ambassador for his favourite team, sharing all this in a spontaneous and authentic way.
By becoming a host, you are going to create the experience you would like to share with other people. You will need to fill in some predefined fields to make your experience complete and detailed. Remember: nobody knows as well as you what can make the experience really special. Make it exceptional, involve your guest as much as possible, accompanying him in your world. Only in this way you can truly transfer and share your passion! If you have any doubt or you want to know more, contact us!
Every host knows better than anyone what can make an experience precious. You choose each element that composes it: living the pre-match among the other fans and your friends; making a tour in the museum of your team telling anecdotes and stories; organizing a visit in those places that have characterized your life as a fan. No matter what you want to share, the important thing is that you are able to tell something more about yourself, your team and your city. Explain clearly what is included in the experience and what is not. Only in this way your guest can live a truly unforgettable experience, identifying with your great passion.
First, sharing an experience means making yourself available for others: helping them with the organization, letting them live unforgettable moments. You should include what you think is necessary to make this happen: the match ticket, a sandwich outside the stadium, the tour of the club’s museum, the scarf of your team. Give to all of this a value – consider your time and your stories, too. Please remember we are part of the same community and we want to turn every match into a unique moment. If you offer experiences that are not perceived as valuable, the trust from the community will be unlikely. This is not another secondary ticketing platform!
We will ask you to provide your data in order to send you the payment for your experience. Please note that from your fee, Have Fan will keep a 5€ fee on each transaction as a service fee. The payment will take place when booking the experience, but you will receive your fee once the experience will be completed and within the terms set by Stripe, the third-party platform that processes payments used by Have Fan.
We hope you will share unforgettable moments every time and won't need to complain about anything. In this (rare) case you can raise a complaint with Have Fan. Check our Terms&Conditions to know how to do it.

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